About Us

At Gadget Drop we receive many shipments from cell phone repair shops locally and nationwide. Gadget Drop has earned the trust of many in the cell phone repair industry. We have been developing our own repair methods since 1992, which has given us more options for a successful repair on your personal devices! This means that Gadget Drop can provide/ensure you get the highest quality results, while minimizing your downtime so you're back to communicating right away! Look no further Get your Gadgets fixed the right way the first time!

Let's face it, iPhone repair shops are popping up every day with YouTube trained techs inside of prepaid carrier stores and physical locations. People with no experience have been destroying consumer gadgets that simply go in with minor problems like a screen or charging port and end up with a dead or inoperable device deeming it junk! Then leaving the customer with no data and claiming that it was not their fault.

Have you ever asked yourself...?

Don't worry we've got the right guys here at Gadget Drop. Our technicians have been trained and certified by a Master Technician. Upon servicing small electronics in the consumer’s sector, we are always striving and advancing our capabilities to go above and beyond. This allows us to exceed the industry standards by ensuring our clients to be provided with an excellent customer service experience!

We’ve been doing this for over two decades! Since pagers and the 2-way radio. So… Who are you going to trust with your gadgets?