iPhone /iPad /macbook Logic Board Micro Soldering.

iPhone 6/6 Plus Touch Disease

iPhones that are affected by “touch disease” display a flickering gray bar at the top of the screen.The screen no longer registers any touch input. The iPhone 6 Plus suffers from three times as many incidents of “touch disease” as the smaller iPhone 6. “Touch disease” is a widespread problem.

iPhone/iPad No Service or Searching

iPhones or iPads that display no service or searching on the top left side of your screen no longer can generate a signal for WiFi or Cellular. Usually this happens when the device has suffered a severe drop or fall this will result in a MODEM OR BB PMU ic chip service.

iPhone/iPad/Macbook Not Charging

Apple Devices that are not indicating a charging sign when the charger is attached to the device may need logic board repair. Signs like fake charging, draining fast, wont charge from dead, show a charging symbol, but the battery percentage does not change, randomly disconnects when connecting the iPhone/iPad to a pc/computer, and battery changes in percentage when connected or disconnected from a charger. We have the right tools and testing equipment to troubleshoot and fix this issue on the spot.

iPhone/iPad/Macbook Backlight Repairs

The LCD display screen backlight problem can occur from a hard drop, liquid damage, DIY repairs, long screw damage, damaged connector, or it can simply be the result of a defective lcd replacement part during or after the repair process. In cases where a backlight filter is particularly burned up, you’ll often find that the diode is bad as well.

iPhone/iPad/Macbook Water Damage

Forget the rice, it won't help! The unit must be shut down right away if possible! Then the device must be disassembled in order to inspect the logic board and all small components for corrosion, rust, dirt, and other filth. This process must happen before doing anything else. Not all water-damaged electronics are recoverable and depending on the kind of liquid but we have a very high success on liquid damage repairs.

Liquid can get inside on the inside on the logic board and penetrating the RF protection shields, even underneath the IC chips . Don't worry, we have the tools and equipment to handle water damage. Once the unit is torn down, we will locate the damaged parts and begin the ultrasonic bath to clean the logic board. Some newer devices have more complex, hard to get to components like the iPhone X/Xs/Xr/XsMax all have double layered logic boards that are welded together by little tiny solder ball joints, this makes for a harder repair.

How to choose the right repair shop that does water damage repair? If anyone tells you that there is no fee, this a clear sign that their repair abilities may not be able to recover your phone. The data because they have access to pro-level ultrasonic baths, and specialized cleaners as well as the skills to troubleshoot your board. Many shops have a no fix/no fee policy so you don't have to spend money to find out if the phone is fixable, that's not good. This means they wont do a full component diagnostic with a multimeter and just tell a consumer thier device is no longer repairable.

iPhone/iPad/Macbook Not Powering on Data Recovery Service

Typaily this is for Apple devices which have been damaged beyond economical repair, with NO iCloud or iTunes backup, your iPhone logic board/motherboard is damaged your device will need Micro Soldering repair service, because it is not powering on or no longer able to communicate with a PC. It could have an electrical failure causing a component shortage or a defective/bad ic chip. If your data is critical, be sure you do your homework and choose a reputable LEVEL 3 repair shop that has a Technician with years of micro soldering experience that knows how to diagnose iPhone motherboards with a multimeter and Apple schematics. The right testing and micro soldering tools are key to a successful iPhone data recovery job . Many shops claim they recover personal data from physically damaged motherboards, but lack either the skill or tools.

iPhone stuck in bootloop

The iPhone is won't stop turning off and on power cycling only showing apple logo. Here are some reasons why this may have happened to your device:

1. Update Power Failure

Attempted to update your iPhone to the newest iOS and the update process was interrupted it would make your iPhone go into an in a boot loop until the battery drains.

2. Bad Battery Problem

The battery and iPhone could also be a reason that your iPhone in a bootloop. Maybe the battery is defective or needs to be replaced.

3. Memory

The iPhone memory on your device maybe full and have issues during the update, causing a communication failure in the itunes update and it will reference an error code.

iPhone 7/7 Plus audio Disease

iPhone users with iPhone 7 and 7 plus phones have this issue of audio loop disease. The user will begin to notice audio issues like crackling sounds, no speaker, or greyed out in calls. They may also see issues with phone calls, like microphone problems, or the other party. Some apps that use audio like Voice Memos may also be inaccessible. The problem also slows down the power up process

Can this problem be repaired?

Yes! It is a hardware issue in your iPhone logic board. The problem can't be fixed by resetting the settings and adjusting the volume settings. Most likely it has a bad codec audio ic chip that may have went bad from a hard fall or drop causing the chip damage witch then needs to be replaced. This service is typically done same day while you wait, unless mailed in.